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Carpet Cleaning - Benefits For You!

Our carpet cleaning services are guaranteed to beautifully restore your carpeting by removing stains and dark traffic lanes. Our professional services help 

  • Save you money by extending the life of your carpet to 20 years or more 
  • Protect your health by killing and preventing harmful allergy causing dust mites 
  • Protect your carpet from accidents with effective stain protection
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Professional Carpet Cleaning Kegworth Leicestershire

Probitas Carpet Cleaning offer expert carpet cleaning services in Kegworth, Leicestershire.

We have expertise in carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and advanced stain removal. We do everything possible to leave you with the best result possible. This is what our clients have come to expect from the carpet cleaners with integrity. 

Trustworthy Carpet Cleaning Kegworth

The carpet cleaning industry is not managed by an independent body therefore the standard of cleaning can vary considerably. It stands to reason that the cheapest price will result in the company using the inferior equipment, basic chemicals and spend a very short amount of time in your property. 

We have one level of comprehensive service which is high and includes:

  • Free assessment & quotation
  • Pre-inspection & survey
  • Pre-hoover including room edges/skirts
  • Free furniture removal/replacement
  • Steam cleaning kills allergen causing dust mite
  • Draft mark removal from edges of rooms/stair steps
  • Free Deodorisation
  • Stairs steps AND risers
  • Wood furniture feet protection
  • Post stain protection (optional)
  • Post allergen protection (optional)
  • Bad Odour Removal (optional)

Book a Carpet Cleaner Kegworth now!

If you require a carpet cleaning service in Kegworth Leicestershire then call us now for a free consultation. In a few minutes over the phone we can give you a no hassle quotation. 

Let us earn your trust once and you will never use anyone else. Guaranteed.

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