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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Nottingham

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Nottingham

Probitas Carpet Cleaning offer professional commercial carpet cleaning services in Nottingham to businesses, charities, public institutions, hoteliers and landlords. 

Our commercial carpet & upholstery cleaning services cover:

  • Offices
  • Retail Outlets
  • Pubs & Restaurants
  • Hotels & B&Bs
  • Social Clubs
  • Surgeries & Nursing Homes
  • Privately let properties

Why Choose Probitas Commercial Carpet Cleaning Nottingham?

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible in our work, we customise cleaning to your schedule and work outside your normal office or trading hours at evenings and weekends. Our priority is to make sure your cleaning requirements are fully met, whilst minimizing any impact to your business, trade or service delivery.

Professional Expertise

Our commercial carpet cleaning technicians have been trained to the highest industry standards in the science of carpet and upholstery cleaning by an independent UK trade body, solely dedicated to the craft of carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Rest assured our methodology closely follows these standards and because we clean with integrity we never compromise on the level of cleaning to speed up a job.

Competitive Pricing

Price is what you pay, value is what you get. It makes sense that the cheapest carpet cleaning service in town will use the cheapest equipment, the harshest chemicals and spending as little time cleaning your carpet as possible. In a domestic or commercial environment that is something most would want to avoid. In an unregulated industry anyone can pick up a cheap carpet cleaning machine and call themselves a professional carpet cleaner. Whilst commercial grade equipment is important, following the right process and having the right attitude is the secret to delivering the best results achievable.

In contrast you will find our pricing per sq metre competitive and value based. We follow an exhaustive, 12 step, integrity based approach to carpet cleaning that gives us the competitive edge.

Rapid Dry Times vs Healthy Environment

We fully recognise downtime or impact to your business is a key concern for any maintenance service. Similarly ensuring a suitably healthy environment for staff and guests is equally important.

In order to achieve a healthy carpet or upholstery we utilise steam cleaning for all our cleaning services. According to allergy UK high temperature cleaning is required to kill off the harmful allergen causing mites that live in carpeting and furnishings. Savvy marketeers often emphasis dry times of less than 30 minutes with other methods but does this address the health considerations involved?

Whilst a rapid dry time is important we believe we achieve an appropriate balance between a healthy carpet and the dry time. Our Prochem, twin vacuum, extractor removes 90% of the water and typically we achieve a dry time of 2 hours or less. High speed velocity air movers can also be brought in on demand to speed up the drying process.

Regardless of the technique or cleaning company used, a small amount of water is always required to activate the cleaning chemicals.

Zero residue Cleaning

Dirty, high traffic areas can deter guests, diners and give an unfavourable impression especially in reception areas of a business. Our traffic lane cleaners, combined with stain protection and a regular programme of cleaning ensure your office, restaurant or hotel is kept looking its best whilst extending the life of your carpeting investment.
Due to the high alkaline cleaning solutions used to neutralise spots, stains and traffic lanes applying a neutral rinse is essential to prevent rapid re-soiling. In an unregulated industry it stands to reason the cheapest price is not going to deliver value in the long term. Our methodology and values ensure these problems are avoided.

Fully Insured

HSE guidelines are closely followed and risk assessments are performed prior to performing work at your premises. In the rare event an accident should occur we are fully covered for accidents and treatment risks by AXA insurance holding £1m in public liability insurance. Ask to see our certification.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Nottingham - Book a Free Survey & Quotation Now!

If you have a commercial carpet cleaning requirement then call to book your free survey and quotation. Our commercial carpet cleaning specialists will visually inspect your carpet, measure up, assess HSE risks and give you an indication of expected results.

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