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  • Professional carpet & upholstery cleaning services
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Upholstery Cleaning Service*

Professional upholstery cleaning following the industry standard cleaning process developed by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association). We clean all fabric by hand with great care and attention. 

Pricing (small/medium seat sizes)

3 Seater £90   2 Seater £60   1 Seater £30

SPECIAL OFFER (available until 31st December 2017)



*minimum spend applies 


  • Pre-inspection
  • Pre-vacuum 
  • Floor Protection
  • Pre-spray & Pre-Spot
  • Agitate by hand with a horsehair brush
  • Full Cleaning Service including chair seat & back cushions, base front, sides & rear!
  • Rinse & Extract With Sapphire Pro 
  • Free Deodoriser 
  • Post Spot Treatment
  • Speed Dry with High velocity air movers 
  • Fabric Stain Protection (fluorocarbon protector & anti static treatment) 3+1+1 ONLY £30 

Standard - Carpet Cleaning Service

A high standard of professional carpet cleaning for landlords, tenants and home owners on a budget. Suitable for synthetic & 80/20 carpets only.

Competitors offering heavily discounted prices simply pre-spray and extract from the same wand spending zero time preparing the fibre. Our standard service is proven to outperform these entry level providers (and known results from rental machines) due to superior equipment, chemicals and knowledge).

Pricing (maximum room sizes (5 x 5m) 

First Room £40*  Additional Rooms £20

SPECIAL OFFER (available until December 31st 2017)



  • Pre-Inspection/audit
  • Advise expected results 
  • High Performance Pre-spray Cleaning Agent 
  • Traffic Lane Remover
  • Manual Carpet Broom Agitation (stains/traffic areas only)
  • Hot Extracton Heated Cleaning (allergen removal/sanitisation)
  • Zero Residue Rinse (prevent rapid resoiling)
  • Floral Fragrance
  • Typical Dry times < 2 hours


*subject to our minimum service/call out charge of £50

Superior - Carpet Cleaning Service*

Superior standard of professional carpet cleaning following the industry standard cleaning process developed by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association). 

Recommended for customers who have 100% wool carpets, heavily soiled/stained carpets or those desiring to achieve the highest industry standard of cleaning possible. 

Pricing (prices based on maximum 5 x 5m room sizes)

First Room £65  Additional Rooms £25


(available until December 31st 2017)



  • Pre-Inspection/audit
  • Advise expected results 
  • Professional Vacuum (incl. draft marks)
  • Furniture Movement/Replacement
  • High Performance 'Eco Friendly' Pre-spray Cleaning Agent (wool, pet & child safe microsplitters)
  • Mechanical Pre-Spray Agitation 
  • Oxygenating Stain Removing Additive (significantly increases stain removal)
  • Traffic Lane Remover
  • Draft Mark Removal (dark edges next to skirting boards)
  • Post Spot/Stain Removal services including paint/ink/oil*
  • Hot Extracton Heated Cleaning (allergen removal/sanitisation)
  • Zero Residue Rinse (prevent rapid resoiling)
  • Deodorisation (general pet odours/smoke)
  • Turbo Dried Typically <60 Minutes! (excludes stairs)
  • Stain Protection (additional £8 per room) 


*significant spillages or accidents may incur a surcharge

In Situ Rug Cleaning Service

Undertaken at your premises we take great care in cleaning man-made and hand-made rugs* including specialist persian and oriental rugs. 

We offer a cost effective steam cleaning service, removing general traffic, stains and all dust mites from your rug. Wool rugs recieve a bonnet dry clean, post hot extraction, to buff the pile and speed up dry times.  

Pricing (min charge of £40 per call out)

  • Small Rug (3.5ft x 2.5ft) £20 
  • Medium Rug (7ft x 4ft) £40
  • Large Rug (12ft x 8ft) £70


 SPECIAL OFFER (available until 31st December 2017)



  • Rug Inspection & Risk Assessment
  • Advise expected results
  • Floor protection
  • Eco friendly pet, child & wool safe chemicals
  • Mechanical Agitation 
  • Stain, traffic & allergen removal 
  • Free Deodorisation 
  • Free Spot & Stain Removal Services 
  • Hot Extraction & Rotary Bonnet Cleaned
  • Stain Protection (discounted rates upto 70%) - Small £5 - Medium £10 - Large £15


*If your rug has a significant organic accident such as urine that has gone through into the backing then your rug would be best sent away for submersion treatment. We do not offer this service which typically costs £150 upwards. 

Carpet Cleaning - Full Cleaning House Specials

Cleaning all your carpets within your house at the same time is the most cost effective way to maximise the lifespan of your investment.

We will clean every carpet in your home using superior equipment and chemicals for a packaged price.

Our deals below meet every requirement whilst deliver the best value possible. Call us now to discuss your requirement 


  • 2 bed - from £80 to £115
  • 3 bed - from £100 to £140 
  • 4 bed - from £120 to £165
  • 5 bed - from £140 to £190

Carpet Cleaning - Benefits For You!

Our domestic carpet cleaning services are guaranteed to beautifully restore your carpeting by removing spots, stains and dark traffic lanes.

Our professional services help 

  • Save you money by extending the life of your carpet to 20 years or more 
  • Protect your health by killing and preventing harmful allergy causing dust mites 
  • Protect your carpet from accidents with effective stain protection 


Call us now for a free no obligation assessment and quotation on 07814 596 597. We also offer a professional upholstery cleaning service, revitalising fabric suites, sofas and chairs.

Carpet Cleaning Gamston BY GamstonS trusted INDEPENDENT CARPET CLEANERS 

  • Carpet looking dirty?
  • Traffic lanes appearing in your carpets?
  • Wheezing, runny eyes and sneezing in your home?
  • Pets and children giving your carpets a hard time?

Probitas Carpet Cleaning offer professional carpet cleaning in Gamston. If you answered yes to any of the above, we can help. 

In an unregulated industry the level of carpet cleaning recieved can vary dramatically. It stands to reason that the cheapest price will result in the company using the cheapest equipment, the harshest chemicals and spend as little time cleaning your carpets as possible.

In contrast our competitively priced carpet cleaning services are fully comprehensive and include:

  • Free assessment & quotation 
  • Pre-inspection & survey
  • Pre-hoover including room edges/skirts 
  • Free furniture removal/replacement
  • Steam cleaning kills allergen causing dust mite 
  • Draft mark removal from edges of rooms/stair steps 
  • Free Deodorisation 
  • Wood furniture feet protection
  • Post stain protection (optional)
  • Post allergen protection (optional)
  • Odour Removal (optional)

Why Choose Probitas Carpet Cleaning?

In addition to delivering a comprehensive level of carpet cleaning we also deliver the following benefits. 

  • Zero-residue - our approach means rapid resoiling is avoided leaving your carpets clean and healthy for longer
  • Rapid dry times - typically we achieve 2 hours or less. 
  • Commercial grade equipment - we use the latest portable Prochem hot water extractors with 150 Psi pump and twin vacuums (this is the maximum number of vacuums at this time and for comparative purposes a rented rugdoctor puts out only 25 Psi) delivering excellent results for both domestic and commercial requirements.
  • Competitive Pricing - Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Our comprehensive level of service against our mid range pricing per square metre, delivers excellent value. 
  • Professionally Trained Technicians - In an unregulated industry it is essential you choose the right carpet cleaner. Probitas cleaning hold certifcation with an independent association completely dedicated to the cleaning of carpets and soft furnishings. This means we follow a UK recognised code of practice giving you peace of mind. 
  • Fully Insured - We hold public liability insurance with AXA Insurance, so you can book with confidence. 

 If you live in Nottingham and are thinking of having your carpets cleaned, let us earn your trust once and you will never use anyone else. Guaranteed.

Specialist Carpet Cleaning Services in Gamston

 If you want your carpets and rugs to look good and give you years of dependable service - then you need to take care of them. Our carpet and rug cleaning services help protect you in three ways

1. We Protect Your Investment In Carpeting - If you can see the soils, they have already begun to break down your carpets fibres. Unless they are cleaned, traffic lanes will become permanent and your carpet will wear out faster than it should. Preventative, regular cleaning maximises the longevity of your carpet and saves you money in the long run.

2.We Protect Your Family - Creating an anti-allergy environment can really help asthma, eczema and rhinitis sufferers in Nottingham. As recommended by Allergy UK, high-temperature steam cleaning will kill dust mites in your carpets, rugs, upholstery and mattresses. When combined with our protective treatments we can prevent allergen causing dust mites returning for approximately 12 months.

3.We Protect From Accidents - The longer a stain sits, the more permanent the damage. Our anti allergen treatment is also an effective stain protective treatment against oil and water based stains. This helps keep dirt closer to the surface of your carpet fibres, allowing you to get more dirt out from hoovering, slowing down the formation of traffic patterns and avoiding the abrasive action of grit that causes premature wear.

  • If you want to protect your health
  • protect your investment in carpeting
  • protect your family from the countless bacteria, fungus, pollens and dust mites that reside in your carpet 


then call us now for a no obligation quotation and carpet assessment.

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