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Carpet Cleaning Prices – The Carpet Cleanser provides insight and relates an experience

A lady called me the other day and said “my carpet cleaner has just let me down”.She didn’t say why but understandably she was disappointed and a tad frustrated at the inconvenience. She also commented that she cleans the carpet herself but it just seems to get dirtier quicker and quicker. She asked,”how much would you charge for carpet cleaning?”

Carpet Cleaning Prices (one carpet only)

The requirement was for carpet cleaning to just one room. A lounge carpet approximately 3.5m x 5.5m in size with no significant stains. We didn’t have any availability for at least a week and we quoted our minimum charge of £50. On hearing this the lady replied, “but the other carpet cleaner had quoted only £30. Can you match their carpet cleaning price?”. I replied “no i’m afraid not” knowing it is just not realistic to undertake a professional carpet clean on just one carpet for £30.” She went on to ask why not. I said, “something has to be missing…”.

I was on route to another booking but somehow I always feel that there is an obligation to the ‘unregulated carpet cleaning industry’ to provide a little education.

Understanding Carpet Cleaning Prices & Their Value! 

Set up time
A professional carpet cleaner will have a lot of equipment which will be unloaded and set up on arrival. This can take at least 20 minutes or longer if access is restricted. Extractor waste and solution tanks are prepared with de-foamer, deodoriser and acidic rinse agents. Pre-spray solutions will be freshly mixed and mechanical agitation equipment are all brought into the property. Of course an audit for fibre type, colourfastness has to take place before deciding on an appropriate alkalinity strength and water temperature.
Carpet Cleaning Process
The most important factor to consider is the cleaning process as this is where the carpet cleaner will spend the time and consequently the value you’ll receive.

Good questions to ask include:

  • Will you pre-hoover to ensure the pre-spray is able to reach deep down into the carpet pile?
  • The room is furnished so will you move and replace it to ensure no allergen causing dust areas remain?
  • Will your pre-spray be mechanically agitated and left with a suitable dwell time to ensure optimum particle separation from the carpet fibre?
  • Do you employ a zero residue approach to prevent rapid re-soiling of the carpet?
  • Is your equipment professional grade? Hot extractors range from a couple of hundred pounds to several thousand pounds for a professional result.
  • Will you spend time identifying and treating any basic spots and stains in the carpet? Or will you just put down the standard pre-spray?

I politely suggested that there are carpet cleaners in Nottingham that will be prepared to clean your carpet for £30. Of course the lady wasn’t sure about my quoted carpet cleaning price of £50 and said she’d think about it. Less than 20 minutes later she called back and booked.

Carpet Cleaning Prices –  A Professional Summary 

In summary “price is what you pay, value is what you receive.” The common mistake people make is just looking at the price and assuming the standard of service is the same. Carpet cleaning prices vary dramatically and it stands to reason that the carpet cleaner with the cheapest price is going to spend as little time cleaning your carpet as possible, with the harshest chemicals and rapid re-soiling highly likely. In the end I spent far longer at the property than I should of done as she was very interested to understand why her DIY carpet cleaning efforts were leading to rapid re-soiling! I should of charged £50 just the education. Lol. You can read about that in my blog entry “best carpet cleaner”.

Carpet Cleaning Prices For Multiple Rooms

As the number of rooms to be cleaned increases most carpet cleaners will apply a discounted racket mechanism to the quote. £30 for a room then becomes a realistic price but on its own its simply not profitable for professional carpet cleaners in Nottingham.

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