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Best Carpet Cleaner for sale?

Best Carpet Cleaner in the UK

best vax carpet cleaner
best vax carpet cleaner

Selecting the best carpet cleaner for your home is becoming a common dilemma.  Increasingly popular, many manufacturers are now offering both dry and wet vacuum models.

So what is the best carpet cleaner on the UK market today?

As many turn to review sites to find out which is the best carpet cleaner on the market today, do you opt for a Vax carpet cleaner, a Bissell carpet cleaner, a Numatic carpet cleaner or maybe the good old rug doctor. Prices range from £100 for a Vax upright to about £450 for a the latest Rug Doctor X3 Mighty Pro.

Best Carpet Cleaner in Nottingham

The question is are they any good.

I mean do they lift ingrained dirt? do they remove traffic lanes? do they remove the allergen causing mites deep down in the carpet pile? can they tackle odours from pet accidents? what about oil based stains?

Well I was looking at the best carpet cleaner reviews the other day and couldn’t help watching some of the carpet cleaner demonstration videos.

Best Carpet Cleaner – How they work

I noticed that all the carpet cleaners have a water tank which you add hot tap water too along with the general purpose alkaline detergent.

Then holding the trigger down you do a wet pass over the carpet and then a dry pass which lifts the dirty water residue back out of the machine. Admittedly this lifts dirt out of the carpet because the colour of the water is proof of that.

Best Carpet Cleaner Limitations

So whats wrong with that? well this is where knowing a bit of science comes in handy. Pumping a high alkaline (PH10) solution into your carpet is fine but it MUST be rinsed out with an acidic rinse (PH2). This leaves the carpet back at PH7 neutral and what the carpet cleaning industry knows as Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning!

The outcome of leaving an alkaline residue in your carpet is simple. Your carpet will get dirty again very quickly!

DIY Carpet Cleaners Experience

I was at a care home in Nottingham not long back and I had been instructed to clean several carpets including their dining hall. There was this high traffic area in the dining hall leading out to the kitchen that was a real problem. The care manager their said

“I dont understand it really. We’ve our own carpet cleaner but the more we clean it the dirtier it seems to get!!”

Hmmm…and this is a good example of the problem with carpet cleaners on the market today. They all leave a high alkaline residue in your carpet which attracts dirt and re-soils very quickly.

On the upside you do own a carpet cleaner so you can just clean it again (and again and again….)

Professional Carpet Cleaners Methodology

A professional carpet cleaner will have a multi-step carpet cleaning process always lay down a pre-spray alkaline detergent using a pump up sprayer.

This is then agitated mechanically and given a dwell time of 5-10 minutes to let the carpet cleaner solution separate the dirt from the fibre.

This is then rinsed using a hot extractor such as cleansmarts Airflex cleaning system. Hot water is mixed with an acidic rinse and a deodoriser in the tank. This is zero residue carpet cleaning.

Best Carpet Cleaner Solution

Whilst I was looking into the reviews for the best carpet cleaner I found myself on a retailers website of carpet cleaners looking at their buying guide. I was interested to find scroll down and find a section of carpet cleaner solution (or detergent)

On their website it says and I quote “Check which solutions your carpet cleaner recommends using for the best results.” Interesting! So after you’ve bought your new carpet cleaner you’ve then got to phone your local carpet cleaners in Nottingham and ask them for advice on which carpet cleaner solutions to use.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall when that call comes in to the Nottingham carpet cleaning companies.

But why does the retailer suggest speaking to a professional carpet cleaner? Well the reality is that an understanding of carpet cleaning chemistry is need to remove stains, accidents and traffic lanes.

Oil based stains for example will not lift with a general purpose alkaline detergent. So that means any make up, paint or ink is highly likely to stay in the carpet. Any build up from your husbands slippers that frequently tread the garage will also remain.

Take tea & coffee for example as a common example of a stain. Yes the detergent will remove the sugar and milk (protein based) but any tanning residue, which is what causes the stain, will not.  This needs an acidic rinse.

Even then urine and tea stains especially may not lift so advanced techniques to put oxygen in or out of the stain are the only way to remove the foreign dye from the fibre dye. These are high risk techniques with the possibility of residual damage.

Every manufacturer or retailer of carpet cleaners is happy to set expectations high but the results are far from professional.

The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) puts its trainee carpet cleaners through a 2 day course before handing over even a basic certification. Can it all be so simple?

Best Carpet Cleaner Pumps, Vacuums and Heater

There are other limitations too. The NCCA recommend a minimum of a 100Psi pump to get deep down to the bottom of the carpet pile. The rug doctor has 25Psi and other carpet cleaners have even less.

Dry times are important and these sub £500 carpet cleaners only have 1 single pass vacuum. This typically results in very long dry times, particularly as the owner may be inclined to keep going over a stain that’s not lifting!

Some have a basic heater but to cut through serious grease and soiling for end of tenancy carpet cleaning then you need a 3KW heater to get a satisfactory result.

Airflex Storm Vs Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Carpet Cleaning Machine Comparison

Best Carpet Cleaner Summary

In summary if you are looking for a light, brush off the top clean of your carpet every few months then these DIY carpet cleaners have their place in the market.

If your carpet is heavily soiled with a mix of stains and dark traffic areas, then calling a professional carpet cleaner may still be the best option in the long run.

You can call Probitas Carpet Cleaning and book a carpet cleaner now on 07814 596 597.

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best vax carpet cleaner
Best Vax carpet cleaner





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