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Best Carpet Cleaner for sale?

Best Carpet Cleaner in the UK Selecting the best carpet cleaner for your home is becoming a common dilemma.  Increasingly popular, many manufacturers are now offering both dry and wet vacuum models. So what is the best carpet cleaner on the UK market today? READ MORE

Professional Carpet Cleaning – Which carpet fibre is easiest to clean?

Professional Carpet Cleaning – Easiest clean Fibres?

Professional Carpet cleaning can at times be difficult for the even an experienced carpet cleaner and occasionally a client may be left thinking, is that really the best result that can be achieved?

Stains may not lift and traffic lanes may remain.

I always try to educate when I am with a client.

Firstly by identifying the fibre and then explaining which fibre cleans best and why.

When you buy a carpet the choice is clearly quite significant however largely they are either;

  1. synthetic (which is man made)
  2. natural
  3. mixture (typically 80/20%)

Each has its significant merits.

Carpet Prices

A popular natural fibre such as wool is more expensive to purchase per square metre than a synthetic. For example a good synthetic carpet may cost about £10 per msq.

A wool carpet may be around £30-50 per msq so a big difference.

The Carpet Retailer 

A carpet manufacturer will always try to sell you a wool carpet as commission is higher on the sale.

Typically a wool carpet will feel better underfoot

It will also last a lot longer than a synthetic if cared for.

In addition it may come with a stain protection such as Scotchguard. The retailer may advise that you do not need to worry about it becoming stained.

Professional Carpet Cleaning – Natural Fibre Beware!

What you need to know is this.

Carpet protectors are fantastic but they need reapplying every 12-18 months to remain effective. Without the protection that is where the downsides of owning a wool carpet become apparent.

A natural fibre such as wool, is very absorbent

Any spillage or accident can be very difficult to remove.

Especially where Mrs Jones has scrubbed it and tried every potion to remove the stain before booking a professional carpet cleaner!

Similarly dark traffic lanes on a wool carpet can be very difficult to remove. Even with a traffic lane cleaner such as Cleansmarts Orange-X.

The carpet cleaner is restricted to a maximum of 40C when cleaning a wool fibre. The maximum ph is also about 8 or 9. This is largely because the fibre is more delicate and can break down if too much heat or alkalinity is used.

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Synthetic – A good choice for professional carpet cleaning & maintenance

You see, now compared to a synthetic carpet which is basically made of plastic filaments.

You can use stronger chemicals such as PH10-12 and a lot hotter heat from the wand ie. 60-70C. Heat really does help to separate ingrained , greasy soiling.

Also a synthetic has a natural stain protector in it. Even if a synthetic carpet is in a horrendous state, 99% of the time you can get a great result as it absorbs far less foreign dye than a natural carpet.

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A Final Thought for Professional Carpet Cleaning

In conclusion wool will feel better and last longer but the maintenance costs and risks of ownership are much higher. If your buying for a family with pets, children or a property your renting then synthetic is the way to go.

So how can you tell if you have a natural or synthetic fibre in your carpet? I will write about that in another post.

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